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“Hello Diabetes” Education program for Diabetics & their spouse

10:00 am

November 16, 2014

“Happy Married Life with Diabetes”

On the occasion of “World Diabetes Day “Diabetes Care Foundation of India (DCFI ) Nagpur, Sunil’s Diabetes Care n’ Research Centre (DCRC) in collaboration with Diabetes India has organized Hello Diabetes Education program for Diabetics & their spouse on 16th Nov 2014 ,10 am at IMA hall, Nagpur. The theme of this program is “Happy Married Life with Diabetes”

An informative Diabetes Education program through slide shows, skits, role-plays, is going to be presented by Dr.Sunil Gupta, Diabetologist, Dr. Sanjay Deshpande, Sr. Sexologist, Dr. Sanjay Kolte, Urologist; Dr. Ujjawala Deshmukh, Sr. Gynecologist and Dr. Suresh Chari, Counselor, Dr.Ajay Ambade, Retina Surgeon; Mrs.Kavita Gupta, Diabetes Educator along with their team of Dieticians.

Dr. Sunil Gupta said that person who have Diabetes and are not controlling blood glucose can have a low libido, recurrent genital infections and erectile dysfunction etc. Good control of blood sugars by healthy diet, regular physical activity, frequent blood sugar monitoring not only helps to reduce diabetes complications, but also can lead to a happier, healthier sex life too. Inauguration is scheduled at 10.30 a.m. with the hands of eminent dignitaries from various sections of the society. The sessions are going to be held in Marathi & Hindi languages. Various topics like: Diabetes its causes & symptoms, Importance of Diet, Exercise, Anatomy & Physiology of Male & Female reproductive system, Impotence, female sexual dysfunction, genital Infections, Marriage & Diabetes, Impact of diabetes on Physical relationship of couple, happy married life beyond sex , Pregnancy and Diabetes, Young women/girl with diabetes-Socio-Cultural personal impact, how to protect future generations from diabetes, etc will be covered along with the open question answer session, where in people with diabetes & other delegates can clarify their doubts .

Panel discussion will be conducted by Dr. Sunil Gupta along with other speakers .Free blood glucose check-up (10am to 11am) will be done at the venue. Entry for the program is free. Dr. Sunil & Ms Kavita Gupta & his team DCRC has invited all the “Diabetics to attend with their spouse” who believe on the concept of social upliftment  of mass  and  understand more  about Diabetes to live a healthy happier married life tomorrow.

Along with Dr Sunil Gupta & Mrs Kavita Gupta, Dr Ajay Ambade, Dr Sarita Ugemuge, Mrs Vinita Mehta, Neha Gondale ,Ms Monika Kalindi, , Priyanka Chourasiya, Ms Shraddha Fulzade, Malvika Fulwani, Shruti Asawle  & dedicated team of DCRC,Mrs Vibha Gupta, Mr Vivek Nagrare, Mr Anant Joshi, Mr Akhilesh Singh, Mr Kapil Sarak, Mr Raju Andulkar, Mr Mukesh Mainani, Mr Parag Chude, Mr Satyen Patel & many more are working hard to make the program a big success.

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