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“Hello Diabetes-Madhumeh Ki Paathshala” Awareness program on 21st August – 2016

9:00 am

August 21, 2016

On the occasion of 22nd Anniversary of Sunil’s Diabetes Care n’ Research Centre Pvt. Ltd (DCRC) in collaboration with Diabetes Care Foundation of India (DCFI) Nagpur is organizing a mega Diabetes Awareness Program “HELLO DIABETES -MadhumehKiPaathshala”for“People with Diabetes” and their care takers on Sunday 21st August – 2016,from 09.00 am to 2:00 pm at Scientific Hall, Aath Rasta Chowk, Laxmi Nagar, Nagpur.

Most of the consultants are unable to give more than 10-15 min in their chamber to the patient during OPD visits. Diabetes is a chronic condition with many unanswered quarries at patients mind. Their myths, if remain unsolved, gives rise to depression, anxiety, fear, anger unrealistic beliefs etc in mind of people with diabetes. Effective scientific communication in patient’s own language is the key to success, not only for erasing myths from the mind but also developing self-confidence and bonding with healthcare system. This is the basic purpose of diabetes education. Irrespective, whether the person is educated or illiterate, poor or rich, rural or urban, each one need education.

Thus informative Diabetes Education program through slide shows lectures and role-plays. is going to be presented by Dr. Sunil Gupta, Director DCRC, Dr. Vivek Gupta, Pulmonologist, Sleep Medicine & Critical Care Consultant, Dr. Sarita Ugemuge,Pathology Head, DCRC and Past immediate IMA Secretary, Dr.Mohit Zamad, Oral Dental Surgeon, Dr. Parkash Khetan, Senior Nephrologists, Dr.Tarun Mishra, Endocrinologist from Raipur, Dr. PriyaKotian from Mumbai, Ms Kavita Gupta, Consulting Dietitian and certified Diabetes Educators, along with their team of Dieticians & Diabetes Educators.

Let us learn “How to live happy and healthy with Diabetes”:- The sessions are going to be held in Marathi & Hindi language. Various queries on Diabetes like Myths and realities about diabetes, How to live with diabetes, enjoy the sweetness of life with diabetes, diet, exercise, oral drug, insulin phobia, dental care, sleep apnea, Diabetic foot care, nephropathy, retinopathy, heart attack, paralysis etc. Open forum with question answer session is also organized.

There will be free registration on the 1st come 1st basis; free blood glucose test will be done at the venue for Diabetic People from 8.30 am to 10 am at the entry. Dr Sunil Gupta & team DCRC has invited all the responsible and health conscious citizens who believe in the concept of social upliftment of masses, to become aware about Diabetes for a healthy tomorrow. The Entry is Free