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ISPAD-2018 – 44th Annual Conference

Upcoming event
10:45 am

October 11, 2018


October 14, 2018

International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD)
44th Annual conference
Date: 11 – 14 Oct 2018
Venue: Hyderabad

Poster Presentation
Date: 11 Oct 2018
Topic: 1) Prevalence of depression amongst people with type 1 diabetes mellitus in India and its impact on glycemic control
2) Study to evaluate dental caries and its progression by using PRS index in type 1 diabetics

Oral Presentation
Topic: Impact on Glycemic profile, glycemic variability and unexplained hypoglycemia amongst   people with T1DM having lipohypertrophy, after correction of insulin injection technique.
Date: 13th Oct 2018
Time: 10:45 am