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Adding Team Members

Team page images like the ones below are added to the page via a shortcode manager. No shortcodes to remember, it’s all done for you with 3 easy clicks.

Because teams are inserted with shortcodes it can be added to any page any post, and any content type that will accept shortcodes.

The advanced team tools that’s added with the upgraded Croma restaurant framework, will make your work a breeze, and will add configurations that’s out of this world

  • Dr. Sunil Gupta

    Dr. Sunil Gupta is a consultant Diabetologist

  • C2
    Dr. Kavita Sunil Gupta

    Director, Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Insulin Pump Trainer.

  • D-701-B-4x6-1
    Dr. Ajay Ambade

    Retina surgeon.

  • D-701-A-4x6-1
    Dr. Sarita Ugemuge

    Pathology Department

  • facebook_1442652507026
    Dr. Mohit Zamad

    BDS,MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon), FISOI (Fellow Indian Society of Oral Implantologist)

Adding team pages requires 5 easy steps.

  • Create a category to group all the team items that belong together.
  • Add your team posts.
  • Add your team category to the post.
  • Click to open your shortcode manager.
  • Insert the team shortcode.