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Convocation Ceremony of CCGDM & NDEP


India is the 2nd Capital of Diabetes in the World after China.More so the burden of Diabetes in is increasing day by day in an epidemic proportion every year.Gestational diabetes affects approx 3-10% of pregnancies.Gestational diabetes is a treatable condition in Diabetes & the babies born to mothers with untreated gestational diabetes are at increased risk of problems such as being large for gestational age,low blood sugar, jaundice or sometimes still birth.

Thus,there is a need to upgrade the Quality of care amongst Physicians and Gynecologist to make the future of “GDM Mother and Her baby healthy”. Public health Foundation of India (PHFI), New Delhi in collaboration with Dr. V. Mohan’s Diabetes Education Academy (DMDEA), Chennai has started nation wide one year Certificate Course in Gestational Diabetes Management (CCGDM).This course is also enclosed by IDF & South Asian federation of Endocrine Societies.

National Diabetes Educators Program (NDEP) is a program to impart training and knowledge of Diabetes to paramedics & Nurses and create more Diabetes Educators . Sunil’s Diabetes Care n’ Research Center (DCRC), Nagpur is one of the regional centre for CCGDM & NDEP.

The Convocation Ceremony was held on 11th Feb 2015 at Hotel Centre-Point, Dr. Vinayak Deshpande, Vice Chancellor RTM Nagpur University, was the Chief Guest, while Dr.Charulata Ranade, Sr. Gynecologist and Smt Kanchan Nitin Gadkari was the guest of honor  Dr. Saurabh Sinha from PHFI, New Delhi was also present on the occasion .

Dr.Sunil Gupta & Dr.Juzer Fidvi, the Regional faculty,congratulated all the medical professionals and the Diabetes Educators for successfully completing the course. He informed that CCGDM is once a month modular basis contact program with 2 assignments and the examination is conducted at the end of the course.

Dr. Vinayak Deshpande,said that, Indian doctors play a very important role of imparting care and assurance of good health to their patients as compared to the western world who focus more on Insurance than Assurance. Doctor should update themselves with Newer advances & technology in the field of Medicine so as to treat their patients with the best updated treatment.

Mrs Kanchan Nitin Gadkari expressed that “Changing lifestyle, stress & strain is the root cause of Diabetes. Diabetes is no longer a disease of fear,simply by adopting healthy dietary practices, timely Medication and physical activity will reduce the incidence of chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension & Cardiac problems.

Dr. Charulata Ranade expressed that we are facing new health challenges like Diabetes hence the need of hour is to have innovative public health courses like CCGDM which will equip the Gynecologists with the latest International & National advances in Gestational Diabetes Management.

Dr. Saurabh Sinha informed that PHFI has spread its wings to 8000 medical professionals all over the nation to train them for providing better and updated treatment to People with Diabetes.

Mrs. Kavita Gupta Director DCRC shared the journey of DCRC and the pivotal role it plays in creating Diabetes awareness in amongst the masses.Dr. Sarita Ugemughe HOD Pathology DCRC and Ms Vinita Mehta Chief Dietitian DCRC conducted the program.

Dr. Vinayak Deshpande, Dr.Charulata Ranade, Smt Kanchan Nitin Gadkar along with Dr. Sunil Gupta handed over the certificates to the following clinicians CCGDM : Dr.Alka Mukherjee, Dr.Sutapa Roy, Dr.Ruksana Dalal, Dr. Manjiri Pandit, Dr.Mangala Ghisad, Dr.Pragati Prakash Bhole, Dr.Mukesh Haribhau Thote,Dr. Vandana Pradeep Kukde,Dr.Grishma Agrawal Dhingra,Dr.Sudip Kumar Dhor, Dr.Laxmi Gupta, Dr. Monika Akase, Dr.Fareha Khan, Dr.Farzana Saleem, Dr.Rupali Deshpande, Dr.Sarah Khan,Dr.Lata Meghrajani,Dr.Sarita Bhonsule,Dr.Surekha Khandale,Dr.Neetu Singh, Dr.Anuradha Salphale,Dr.Ramneet Kour, Dr.Ruchi Chhabra,Dr.Ujwala Gahukar.

NDEP Participants: Dr.Shakti Sharma, Dr.Renuka Mainde,Mr.Shounak Nazar,Dr.Namita Wath, Dr. Snehalata Sontakkey,Dr.Manjusha Dhale, Ms.Shradha Fulzade, Ms.Vaishali Bokade,Ms.Pallavi Kolhe.

Dr. Alka Mukherjee, Dr.Sutapa Roy, Dr.Anuradha Salphale,Dr.Renuka Mainde shared their experience of CCGDM & NDEP.

Mr.Vishal Ramtekekar, Mr.Kapil Sarak, Mr Sameer, Mr Faiyaz Ahmed, Mr Mangesh,Ms.Neha Gondhale, Ms Priyanka Chaurasiya, Mrs Vibha Gupta, and DCRC team worked hard for the success of the program.