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Dr. Gupta delivered lecture on RSSDI at Hyderabad

Proud moment and recognition for our “Hello Diabetes Education campaign” for one and All.

Dr. Sunil Gupta delivering the prestigious Prof. Sam G P Moses Oration at National RSSDI 2016 Conference at HCC Hyderabad.

We thank all those who are walking with us untiringly in this difficult task of creating mass awareness to save next generations from diabetes and its allied complications.Hope many more will join us for this social noble cause.

Dr. Sunil Gupta receiving Citation of Prof. Sam GP Oration with the hands of RSSDI President Dr. S.R Arvind, Secretary  Dr. Rajiv Chawla, Scientific Chairman Dr. S.V Madhu & Dr. B.M Makkar during National conference at Hyderabad 18-20 Nov 2016.

Dr. Sunil Gupta was honored with one of the most prestigious National Oration of RSSDI ” Prof. Sam GP Moses Oration” on 20th Nov 2016 at 44th National conference of RSSDI held at HCC, Hyderabad ( 18-20 Nov2016). He delivered his Oration on ” Diabetes Self-management education: 22 years Voyage of Hello Diabetes”. Oration was chaired by Dr. B.K Sahay & Dr. A.K. Das.