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Dr. Sunil Gupta attended 3-dimensional national meet at Chennai-2017

Dr. Sunil Gupta at Chennai during 3- Dimensional approach to Management of Diabetes national meet: said that “Type 1DM usually seen in children at 5-15years of age & they need Injection insulin for the whole life. we should empower them & their care-takers with knowledge through education which can help them to Live Happy & Healthy complication free life.” He also spoke on “Pregnancy & Diabetes” on Sun 23rd April 17 and contributed during panel discussions with Prof. Dr.V. Seshai Chennai, Dr. Bhavatharini Chennai, Dr.B. M Makkar Delhi, Dr. Anjana Mohan Chennai , Dr. Banshi saboo Ahemdabad & Dr. Sarita Bajaj Allahabad.