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Dr. Sunil Gupta presented Six original research papers at International Diabetes World Congress, South Korea

Sunil’s Diabetes Care n’ Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. (DCRC) & Diabetes Care foundation of India (DCFI) received an honor to present six original research papers in the most prestigious global conference of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) World Congress 2019 held at Busan, South Korea from 2nd Dec – 6th Dec 2019.

Institute has presented 6 research papers as Posters on various aspects of Clinical diabetes Viz:

  1. Interventional study on Nurses to assess impact of Diabetes Education;
  2. Abnormal BMI and Waist-to-Height Ratio are strong indicators of hypertriglyceridemia in people with Type 2 DM;
  3. The effect of medical nutrition versus insulin therapy on neonatal outcomes amongst mothers diagnosed with GDM;
  4. Effect of changing treatment strategy for achieving glycemic goals in pregnant women with GDM on neonatal outcomes;
  5. Assessing the effect of intervention on glycemic variability by using Ambulatory Glucose Profile in people with diabetes and
  6. Evaluation of the metabolic characteristics of people with new onset versus long standing Type 2 DM from India.

Dr. Gupta was also the Co-author for the oral paper of Dr. Deepak Jumani, Mumbai & others on SGLT2i & Erectile Dysfunction.

Dr. Sunil Gupta said that, the IDF Congress is a core activity of the International Diabetes Federation, offering a global platform to discuss a broad range of diabetes issues, from latest scientific advances to cutting-edge information on education, diabetes care, advocacy and awareness. Participants include physicians, scientists, nurses, educators and other healthcare professionals, as well as government representatives, policy makers, people with diabetes, IDF members and media. The IDF Congress is held every two years in a different location around the world.

Dr. Kavita Gupta, Nutritionist & Diabetes Educator & Director, DCRC, Dr. Sabiha Vali, Research Counsellor MSc (DFSM) IGNOU, Dr. Sachin Gathe, Dr. Sarita Ugemuge, Ms. Parvinder Bamrah, Anagha Shende, Bharti Wattyani, Dr. Dhananjay Raje, Statistician, data operators and other staff of DCRC worked hard for the research papers.