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Hello Diabetes Digital 5th Academia 2020 Download Certificate

Hello Diabetes Digital 5th Academia 2020

Recordings of the lectures from our program

Dr. B. M. Makkar
Role of Hydroxychloroquine in the Management of T2DM

Dr. Vijay Panikar
Remogliflozin: Indian Real World Evidence

Dr. Mangesh Tiwaskar
Anemia & Diabetes

Dr. Vijay Vishwanathan
Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Dr. Sanjeev Shah
Postprandial Hyperglycemia

Dr. Hemant Thacker
Glimepiride Cardiovascular safety:Decoding Carolina Results

Dr. Mithun Bhartia
Testosterone & Diabetes-what should we know?

Dr. S. S. Vasan
Practical approach to Premature/Delayed/Anejaculation

Dr. Sanjay Deshpande:
Case based approach to Female Sexuality

Dr. Deepak Jumani
Management of Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. R. P. Singh
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: what a busy physician needs to know?

Dr. A. K. Das

Dr. V. Seshiah
HIP & Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Link

Dr. Rajeev Chawal
Pathogenesis of HIP

Dr. Sanjay Gupte
Diagnosis of GDM

Dr. Kavita Gupta
MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy) in HIP

Dr. Samar Banerjee
Preparing a Women with Diabetes for Pregnancy

Dr. Sunil Gupta
Insulin therapy and SMBG in HIP: Recommendations 2020

Dr. V. Balaji
Role of Metformin in HIP

Dr. Hema Diwakar
Obstetric Management of HIP

Dr. Viral Shah
Role of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Pregnancy: current status & future

Dr. Andrew Boulton (UK)
Diabetic Neuropathy: an Update for 2020

Dr. Leszec Czupryniak (Poland)
Insulin – Free Type 2 Diabetes Treatment – Possible? Desirable? Harmful?

Dr. Francesc Xavier Cos (Spain)
Diabetes and Innovation

Dr. Tadej Battellino (Slovakia)
The use of Diabetes Technology to increase Time In Range

Dr. Ambrish Mithal (New Delhi)
Bone Health in Diabetes

Dr. Sunil Gupta (Nagpur)
Hello Diabetes Self Management Education & Support: A unique model

Dr. Sunder Mudaliar (USA)
Diabetes Treatment through the Ages – From Ancient Times to the Present

Dr. Vivian Fonseca (USA)
One Year Milestone of Credence

Dr. Carolyn Deacon (Denmark)
25 yrs later DPP-4 inhibitors as a treatment for Type 2 DM & the impact made on patients lives

Dr. Peter Lin (Canada)
The vicious circles of Diabetes, Heart Failure and Renal Dysfunction

Dr. Manoj Chawla (Mumbai)
Case-based outlook to optimize SGLT2i/DPP-4i Combination In T2DM Management

Dr. Kaushik Ray (UK)
SGLT2 Inhibitors & Cardiometabolic Implications: 5 years of learning post-EMPA-REG outcome

Dr. Rakesh Sahay (Hydrabad)
A tale of two epidemics CVD & T2DM: Bridging management gaps with GLP-1 RAs

Dr. Tim Heise (Germany)
Clinical implications of Glycaemic Variability: Addressing the challenges with new generation basal Insulin

Dr. A. G. Unnikrishnan (Pune)
Comparing new basal insulins: Is the jury still out or verdict reached?

Dr. Adrian Vella (USA)
Practical approach to hypoglycemic disorders

Dr. Stephen Colaguiri (Australia)
The New WHO Classification of Diabetes

Dr. Nikhil Tandon (New Delhi)
NAFLD: Prevalence and associated Cardio Metabolic risk in India

Dr. Vijay Negalur (Mumbai)
Diabesity – An unspoken Epidemic

Dr. Willem Verberk (Switzerland)
Indian Heart Study & its Implication

Dr. C. Sanjeevi (Sweden)
Checkpoint inhibition therapy for cancer and development of T1DM

Dr. Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad)
Sensing Glucose & Pumping Insulin

Dr. Thomas Danne (Germany)
Differences between countries in mortality from COVID-19: Is it related to Type 1 or Type 2DM

Dr. Sarita Bajaj (Prayagraj)
Prediabetes beyond the tip of iceberg

Dr. Anil Bhansali (Chandigarh)
Paradoxes in Diabetes

Dr. Sangeeta Kashyap (USA)
Challenges and Triumphs of multicentre trials for metabolic surgery vs lifestyle/medical therapy for diabetes

Dr. Vanita Aroda (USA)
Preventing Diabetes: From Theory to Reality

Dr. Abdul Zargar (Sringar)
Diabetes Mellitus in Woman – New Insights

Dr. Alok Kanungo (Bhubaneswar)
Pancreatogenic Diabetes

Dr. Arvind Gupta (Jaipur)
Urban Stressers & Diabetes

Ms. Shilpa Joshi (Mumbai)
Prebiotics & Probiotics in Kitchen

Ms. Rima Rao (Rajkot)
Food Safety & Handling

Dr. Kavita Gupta (Nagpur)
Organic foods: Myths & Realities

Ms. Sheryl Salis (Mumbai)
Getting the most of your Nutrients: from farms to fork?

Dr. Geeta Dharmati (Pune)
Fats & Oils

Ms. Aditi Deshmane (Kolhapur)
Milk – Choices & benefits

Dr. Renuka Mainde (Nagpur)
Tea- Cup of good health

Ms. Geetanjali Bhide (Pune)
Unveil the Protein potential

Dr. Anoop Misra (New Delhi)
Anti Diabetic Drug and NAFLD