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Hello Diabetes Education Program for Type 1 ( Juvenile) Diabetic Children & Their Parents)

“Hello Diabetes” Education Program for Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetic Children & Their Parents) on 8th November 2015,

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, Sunil’s Diabetes Care n’ Research Centre Pvt. Ltd (DCRC) in collaboration with Diabetes Care Foundation of India, (Nagpur) (DCFI) and Indian Medical association (IMA) Nagpur had organized a HELLO DIABETES Education Program for Type 1 Diabetic Children, Parents, and their care takers on Sunday 8th November 2015, at IMA Hall, North Ambazari Road, Nagpur.8th Nov 2015

In “Madhumeh Ki Pathshala”, the interactive sessions was conducted by Dr.Sunil Gupta, Director DCRC.Dr.Sunil Gupta said that Type 1 Diabetic children can live normal life provided they take regular insulin and keep their blood glucose normal. He also covered various topics like-How to prevent hypoglycemia? Diabetic ketoacidosis,how to deal with exam related issues, sick day and travel day stress,etc.Dr.Sunil Gupta highlighted on recent advances like beta cell transplant and stem cell therapy,also.Dr.V.S.Ajgaonkar ,Veteran Diabetologist from Mumbai, gave his “Words of Wisdom” in a very positive manner. He gave many examples to cope –up with Insulin related issues in life.Dr.Sadikot,President Elect,IDF,informed that globally lots of researches are going on across for cure in Type 1 Diabetes, but we have to wait. He also said IDF expect to have “Diabetes Educators “to enrich people with basic knowledge of diabetes, specially type 1 Diabetes
Dr Chari spoken on “Positive Attitude”, he said our children should learn to keep themselves happy through various means. Instead of cursing God for having diabetes; we should equip ourselves with knowledge and courage to deal with it.

Dr.Ujjawala Deshmukh and Dr.Rajiv Mohta covered adolescent related problems in type 1 diabetes and solved many querries.Dr.Ajay Ambade, Retina surgeon, said that “Early detection is the key for “Diabetic Retinopathy” treatment. Eye is an important organ and uncontrolled Diabetes can severely damage the retina thus resulting in loss of vision.Dr.Mohit Zamad, Oral Surgeon, spoke that Diabetes and Oral Health are interrelated. Regular checkups and self oral care can prevent oral health problems.Mrs .Kavita Gupta ,Chief Dietitian,DCRC,said that Type-1 diabetics need to choose their food smartly emphasize on portion control and food label reading. They should snack on healthy low fat fresh foods rather than on processed junk food. Dr.Priya Kotian(Mumbai),explained FIT guidelines, correct insulin techniques , site rotation , changing and safety disposal of used needles.

8th Nov 2015

The Program will be inaugurated at 10:30 am with the hands of eminent dignitary from various sections of the society, Dr. V S Ajgaonkar , Sr. Diabetologist from Mumbai, Hon’ble Shri. Hardikar NMC Commissioner Nagpur, Hon’ble Shri PKB Chakraborty former DGP, Maharashtra, Dr. Shaukat Sadikot President –Elect of international Diabetes Federation 2013-2015 Skit on “Sajag Sahma Bindaas” was role played by Mr.Vivek Nagrare, Kapil Sarak, and Mayur Awasare.Sessions on Adolescent age group for more than 12yrs by Dr.Ujjwala Deshmukh, Sr.Gyanaecologist and Dr.Rajiv Mohta, Paedriatrician.For the children, below age group of 12yrs, quiz and drawing competition was conducted. The quiz and drawing competition was judged by Dr.V.S.Ajgaonkar, Mr.Umesh Sharma, Mrs .Kavita Gupta.Dance performance and skit was presented by JDPI Group. In between, warm up exercise sessions was taken by Mr.Shlok Gupta.

In a session of “Meethi Baatein…. with Sunil”, success stories of many Type 1 Diabetic was shared. One such Type 1 diabetics, Eshaan Shevate, 19 yrs old, (Pune), who have got international recognition towards world class mountaineering, shared his experience with other Type 1 Diabetes and motivated them. In this session, Dr.Sonal Mirani, Mr.Diwaker Siddamshettiwar, Dr.Ravi Wag mare shared their experiences about diabetes.

The Program was successfully conducted by Dr.Sarita Ugemuge (Pathologist & IMA secretary  ).App. 200 FREE blood sugars test was done .HbA1C, Retina and Dental checkup, insulin induced lipohypotrophy was done during the program. The Entry to the program for all Type 1 diabetics & their relatives was FREE. Mr.Shlok Gupta ,Mrs.Vibha Gupta, Anil Natani,Manoj Humare,Pushkar Karandikar, Satyen Patel,Vicky Bhoyar,Vishal Ramtekar,Bhalchandra Paturkar,Brijesh Singh,Pankaj Walde, Neha Gondhale,Priyanka Chourasia,Shraddha Fulzade,Parvinder Kaur Bamrah,Pooja Kore,Preeti Jainabadkar,Vaishali Thakre, ,Mayuri Mohadikar, Sarita Kale, Panchsheela Moon,Manisha Jadhav,Trishali Khandagale,Priyanka Dhakate,Prashant Ramteke, Prasahant Jaiswal, worked hard for the success of the program.