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Hello Diabetes Education Program

Dr. Sunil Gupta conducting “Hello Diabetes Education Program” at Irrigation department , Nagpur , which held on 16th Oct 2015.

Dr. Sunil Gupta urges Irrigation Staff to be knowledgeable and care takers as “Type 3 Diabetics”
It is criminal to be ignorant when you are diabetic and careless towards body and systems

Hello Diabetes programme at Regional Training Centre, Irrigation Department, Wainganga Nagar, Ajani Executive Engineer, Irrigation Projects Department, Vidarbha Irrigation Dept staff cooperative Society, Technical Staff of Irrigation Dept Cooperative Society and Sunil’s Diabetes Care n’ Research Centre. DCRC jointly organised Public Awareness programme “Hello Diabetes” on Friday 16th of October, 2015 along with free Blood Glucose Test at Regional Training Centre, Irrigation Department Ajani and tested 350 staff of all branches for diabetes. 30 percent prevalence was noted in this screening. At the outset Mr. Sanjay Wankhede, Executive Engineer and convenor made the welcome introductory remark and Shri Rajendra Shukla, Director of Irrigation dept. was the chief guest.

Dr. Sunil Gupta in interactive session informed the group of over 350 members that Education of Diabetes play a very vital role in managing the disorder and help minimise the complications. Every caretaker of a diabetic can act as educator in the community (Highlighting the main points, Dr. Sunil Gupta appealed all people with diabetes & their caretakers to understand & to guard their health by achieving “ABCDE Goals” Viz:- people with diabetes is must understand to guard his health and Dr. Gupta appealed all diabetics to achieve “ABCDE” Goals,) where – A is for HbA1C , which gives average blood glucose of 3-4 months & It should be kept less than 7% . B for Blood Pressure which should be kept as less than 130/80mm of HgC for LDL Cholesterol which should be kept as less than 100mg% D for Dietary management E is for Exercise, that one should go for 150 mins walk per week he added Diabetes is controlled with diet, exercise, drugs / insulin. Vulnerable Organs affected in long standing uncontrolled diabetes are heart, brain, kidney, eyes and limbs. To safeguard these key organs one must follow a disciplined life like taking balanced nutritious recommended diet at every 3-4 hours; avoid weight gain and obesity, take prescribed medicines monitoring blood glucose levels regularly, testing HbA1C test 3-4 months, & should do annual check up for heart, kidney, eyes, Feet, Dental and lipids. Accepting diabetes as life partner and above guidelines a diabetic can surely lead a good life. Ignoring self care is criminal, argued Dr. Sunil Gupta as it is self destructive.

The staff were demanded “Gurudakshina “ by Dr. Sunil Gupta in form of becoming type 3 Diabetics, pun intended. He gives this rank to people who care about diabetics by acquiring proper knowledge and will to serve as a diabetes educator in society to prevent unnecessary suffering amongst them. The irrigation Dept. staff were tested for fasting blood glucose, Glucose tolerance test and given healthy breakfast and booklets on diabetes care who in return promised to spread the knowledge and help those in need.

Mr. Dilip Khorgade , Mr. Sharad Bondre Mr. Suresh Darne, Mr. Navbharat Somkuwar, Mr. Siddhant Somkuwar, Mr. Sanjay Khode , Mr. Zade, Mr. Vivek Nagrare & Mr. Pankaj Walde has also help to make the program successful.