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XV Annual Scientific Conclave of NSI- NC held

Nagpur Chapter of Nutrition Society Of India, which is affiliated to International Union of Nutrition Science (IUNS) through the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) organized its XV Annual Scientific Conclave on Saturday 11th Feb 2014 at LIT Auditorium LIT, RTMNU, Nagpur. The Theme was on “Cutting Edge Research in Nutritional Sciences”.

Convener Prof A N Radha welcomed the dignitaries, Scientist and members. She said Nutrition is applied science with several dimension & is undergoing a challenging phase as our lifestyle has entered into a smart & speed culture in every spear of life. Optimum Nutrition is the deciding factor for physical, mental, Spritual, rather, holistic wellbeing of Humanity. The need of the hour is interaction & update of existing knowledge with inter linkage of all nutrition Scientist. President Prof Nilima Joshi endorsed the above & said that it is the annual event of the Chapter & the objective is to give a platform to the budding researchers to portray their work and enriching their knowledge in this field.

Hon Secretary Ms. Kavita Gupta presented the chapter activity report covering a glimpse of extensive work done throughout the year & proposed the Vote of Thanks.

Senior Scientists from National Institute of Nutrition, (NIN, ICMR) Hyderabad, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr V. Sudershan Rao, Dr. G.M Subbarao, Dr. P. Raghu delivered their deliberations. Dr Dinesh Kumar, HOD Drug Toxicology Division in his key note address on Cutting Edge Research in Nutritional Sciences” stressed the need for the evidence based Research Programs & Documentation On Nutrition Scientist. Also in his deliberation on Pollutants & Nutrient Interactions & Impact on Health. He explained the pollutant exposure due to heavy metals like Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic & toxicity at sub clinical & clinical level posing a major public health problem all over the globe.

Dr. G.M Subbarao spoke on Nutrition communication for behavior change as an interventional approach in combating NCDs. He said India has to face the double burden of malnutrition – under nutrition & overweight / obesity & associated non communicable diseases (NCDs) There is always a concern about risk from new foods & new lifestyle. The risk can be reduced through well designed communication strategies, at individual inter personal & community level.

Dr V. Sudershan Rao spoke elaborated on Nutrition transition & changing food safety issues, due to tremendous development in the food production processing storage, transport, distribution coupled with changes in food consumption & life style have brought newer safety measures.

He also emphasized that the research findings of the NIN team showed that 70% of the loose oils were not confirming to the standards of the FSSAI. Regular consumption of red meat increases the risk of Type 2 DM & CAD.

He said that foods High in Fat, sugar, sodium (HFSS), empty calories, less proteins, vitamins & minerals are called as Junk foods.

Dr. P. Raghu discussed on Nutrigenomics: Methods & Application of proteomics in Nutrition research. He told the resent development in the mass spectrometers coupled with human genome data have revolutionized the study of proteins.

Dr. P N Chaudhary the senior most member, Dr. Sita Vaidya, Dr. Shubadha Jambulkar of the association graced the occasion.

Dr Renuka Mainde Joint Secretary , Dr Shakti Sharma, Treasurer &Ms. Priti Jainabadkar conducted the inaugural function. Dr.Sneha Karadbhajne, Dr.Sonal Kolte & Ms.Priya Bajaj conducted the plenary sessions. Senior members of NSI NC Prof A N Radha, Mrs.Jayshree Pendharkar, Dr. P N Shastri, Dr.Rekha Sharma, Dr. M.G. Bhotmange, Dr.Durge, Dr. Deepali Kotwal, Dr.Panchbhai, Dr. Rashmi Batra, Dr. Rita Bhargava chaired the various sessions.

Prof. M.G. Bhotmange conducted the Valedictory function. In the oral research paper presentations Ms.Indrani Bagchi guided by Dr. Rekha Sharma bagged the first prize & The judges of Poster competition were Dr.Deepali Kotwal, Dr Rita Bhargava and Ms.Priya Chelani, Ms.Gauri Barai & Ms.Vinita Bhayekar bagged the 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes respectively & The judges of Nutribar competition were Dr. P.N.Shastri, Dr. Smita Vaidya and Ms. Jaya Kewalramani, Ms. Damini Bhiogade, Ms. Poonam Mehadia (student of WTERI) bagged the 1st 2nd 3rd prizes respectively. Dieticians Ms. Rupa Hardas , Ms.Jaya Kewalramani, Ms.Parvindar Bamrah, Ms.Pooja Kore, Ms.Rupali Patil and Bijaykant, Ms.Sangita Gupta, Ms.Vibha Gupta, Mr.Prashant Ramteke worked hard for the success of the program.

The program was attended by well attended and appreciated by the faculties’ students of various colleges & working dieticians. LIT, LAD Home Science, PG Dept. of Home Science Campus RTMNU, Womens Technical Education Research Institute (WTERI), Dharampeth Science College, Govt Ayurvedic College, Shri Ayurvedic College Pakwasa, Dept. of Preventive medicine GMC, Agriculture College, IGNOU

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