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About DCFI

Diabetes Care Foundation of India, Nagpur (DCFI)

It is a non profitable registered trust, working for “People with Diabetes”. Diabetes Mellitus is a serious disorder because, as compared to non diabetics, people with diabetes are prone for complications. Thus it is imperative to educate, create awareness and diagnose this ailment in a very early stage so that people with diabetes can live a healthy and a complication free life.

Our Trust aims at :-

1. Organizing diabetes education program, screening camps, diet exhibition, obesity camps, various lectures, workshops in the society for various section in urban and rural areas.
2. Organize population based screening to find out the prevalence of various types of diabetes in the society, which have its implications in the management strategies towards primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of diabetes in the society. This data may contribute in formulating relevant public health programs
3. To support poor and needy People with Diabetes in the society through Free Blood Glucose testing, Nutrition Counseling, Lab testing, distribution of Diabetes Identity Card
4. Adoption of poor Type 1 diabetics for distribution of free insulin therapy.

Main focus of the trust is to spread Diabetes awareness free of cost for the benefit of the masses.